You will enjoy numerous business benefits with a professionally designed website. Here are some of the most important ones.

Groow your sales

Win more business with a professional free website.

With Groow BASIC or Groow PRO For Free (90 day free trial) you get a professionally designed business website.

The internet is a fact of business life, so even small companies need a credible, professionally designed website to serve existing customers and attract new ones.

Your customers are online 24/7, they want and need to communicate and do business whenever and wherever they want. Having a website helps you to communicate your products and services to them and build even more successful relationships with your customers and potential customers at a local, or even international level.

The online connections you make are often converted into loyal, repeat customers.

Groow internationally

Reach out globally 24/7.

A professional business website allows you to find new markets and trade nationally or internationally for only a small investment.

You already know the benefits of using email. With a business website you can answer many of the time consuming questions that come in by email, phone or fax. This time efficiency alone allows you more time to focus energy on your core business activities. And its not just international clients you will be able to reach, there are international suppliers and maybe even investors who will use the internet to find your business website.

Groow socially

Publish instantly to the Web, mobile, Facebook and Twitter.

Everyone “knows” that social media is important for businesses but exactly what is the value? Why does think it’s so important that your business can publish to popular social media channels quickly and easily?

Social media increases brand awareness. Respected source eMarketer has shown that 33 percent of consumers cite social networks as the way they discover new brands, products, and services.

Being on social media gives your brand or business more credibility. A website shows you exist but a social media presence shows your business is active and can add value to your customer’s lives if you give them the right content. It’s important though to maintain social media activity. Starting, but not continuing, can be damaging too.

Using Facebook or Twitter is great way to improve customer service and to receive ideas about how to improve your products and services. Being social gives your customers confidence that they can “talk to you” quickly and easily if they need to… and that increases loyalty to your business.

Groow now

Get a free business website in minutes.

Time is money as Benjamin Franklin said. Spending too long on setting up a professional website could be damaging to your business and personal health too. Slow website development means opportunity costs such as lost time, reduced business output and less time for pleasure - all of which can cause considerable stress.

Groow secure

Sleep better with a reliable, tested online business system.

Internet security is a major issue these days. Barely a month goes by without scary headlines and calls to reset passwords. Businesses can have their websites taken offline or, worse still, find them defaced by malicious individuals.

Though no company can offer complete assurance, we at offer a superior level of security compared to home-grown websites. In line with industry standards, your website is protected and quickly updated to fix security holes as they are reported. The common tactic of overloading your site to take it offline is mitigated by our use of the capable services of

Groow cooler

We constantly add new tech to your website for free.

First impressions count and a well designed website with the latest features that customers expect will attract more eyeballs, more visitors, more engagement which ultimately leads to more business. Knowing you have a large team behind your website gives you peace of mind that you will remain professionally represented online which is great for your brand. Also it doesn’t hurt when your friends, colleagues and customers say what a cool, up to date website you have.

Groow strong

Increase your business power with simple online tools.

You simply don’t have time to do the research for useful tools to promote your business online. We do. That’s what we do. We make system improvements and simplify their usage so you can promote your business professionally, quickly and easily. Result? Your business will Groow from strength to strength online.

Groow IT confident

Rely on our friendly, expert, human support.

Learning about website development and business promotion online is not for everyone. If you really wanted to build your own website you would have hundreds of hours of study ahead of you and even then there would be no guarantee you would be as good as our team. On top of that its always good to know that whenever you have a problem with your website (we don’t envisage you will by the way) that you can turn to a real person, not a robot, for help anytime, any day. With the support from our team you will grow more confident about the internet and the benefits of having a professional website to promote your business.

Groow anytime, anywhere

Update or access your website from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Most business people have more than one device to access the internet.

Maybe you, and maybe your clients too, have a smartphone, a laptop for business-on-the-go and a desktop computer back at the office. You can rest assured that you, and everyone else, will see a professional website whatever the device they use to access your website. On top of that if you want to make website updates from your phone, laptop or desktop PC you can. Easily. Updating your website quickly and easily from anywhere is simple as 1-2-3 with